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What We Do

Initial Cleaning:

initial cleaning

Each time we begin our services with a new client, we schedule a deep cleaning appointment. This way, we know that your house will be left in the best state when we leave and you will be ready to start a regular cleaning schedule if you choose. This takes about 4-8 hours depending on the size of the house. We strive to thoroughly clean your home the first time we visit, always performing our deep cleaning. We spare no time on technical things and make sure we’re as fast and thorough as possible. We move chairs and couches in order to vacuum and clean, we clean baseboards and wood polish wood

(cleaning varies on the package you select). We use ladders to reach to dust on top of your shelves and we make sure to dust objects such as vases and decorations above it, and ceiling fans. We have professional techniques to make sure we clean carefully. We remove spider webs from the main entrance of your home to the last room. We sweep and clean the entrance to your home and make sure it is nice and presentable to the visiting eye. We clean glass doors inside and out, we clean mirrors and glass surfaces, wipe window sills, clean glass doors, clean prints on windows/doors, wood doors using polish to make it look shiny, spectacular and like new.

The initial cleaning process also includes cleaning of door frames, and even some patches of dirt that will accumulate at the edges of the doors. We also thoroughly clean the shower, tubs and sink removing all soap and accumulated rust. We make sure to change the bed sheets, and vacuum everything, putting your vacuum's accessories to good use. We clean tiled floors by hand to make sure they are clean and shiny. We give special care to wooden floors using special solutions to clean and protect your floors. We also clean your microwave inside and out.