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Special Request

Special Request

During house cleaning, there might be the need to request some special type of cleaning method and procedure. Our specialists perform high end cleaning that fits even the most special and rare requests. We have the experience and equipment required of our behalf to perform every task.

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Super Home Maid also handles the dirty jobs that no one likes like cleaning. For example, we clean the refrigerator, the stove, the garage, and even dusting the knick-knacks you have on the shelves! Ask for more information about these services by contacting our crew today.

We make sure to clean everything according to your specifications and guideline, while focusing on the quality that we know how to deliver. Experience professionalism, reliability, and excellence in your special requests, by working hand in hand with our crew.

Super Home Maid Cleaning Service, LLC Super Home Maid Cleaning Service, LLC Super Home Maid Cleaning Service, LLC

For More Information, Please call Nohemi, owner of Super Home Maid