The Best Cleaning in Kansas

Super Home Maid Cleaning Service, LLC

The Best Cleaning in Kansas

Nohemi Garcia, owner of Super Home Maid, first began her career in educational administration and accounting. After several years in her career she decided to care for her children full time. This also gave her the opportunity to provide cleaning and elder care services for people in need that could not afford to hire full time assistance. Because of her excellent work ethic and caring nature, she began receiving references from family and friends, and had the opportunity to build a network of clients for her cleaning services. As her network expanded, so did her staffing needs.

Nohemi has worked hard to hire help that are trustworthy and reliable, share her same moral values, and that have the same passion for cleaning. Nohemi is grateful that God led her to the reliable people that had the required work ethics and enthusiasm that she needed. Nohemi’s mission is to provide excellent and affordable cleaning services that will allow her customers to spend more time with their loved ones. After a long day at work, the last thing anyone wants to do is go home and clean! Nohemi and her team of Super Maids are here for you! Let them take care of the cleaning tasks, and enjoy your time off!


Nohemi’s mission was never money, but to help those households that needed her. Gradually she realized that today we live in a society where the number one enemy is time. Husbands as well as wives all work in today’s society and neither have the time to clean their house. They come home tired and stressed out by the demands of their daily work routine. If there are children, they normally use up their remaining energy to spend a little well-deserved time with them. They leave the cleaning for when they have time and the truth is that they never really have the time. The children have to live in all the dirt and dust that has accumulated in the home, and the mess could cause health issues for the whole family.