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Thorough Elimination of Grime & Debris

The satisfaction of our customers is our highest priority. All of our team members strive to do an excellent job, and provide quality service for our clients. Because of this, over 80% of our clients have come to us through referrals and recommendations.

We provide deep cleaning to many clients, and since we are a smaller company, we don’t rush through things like the big cleaning companies that clean multiple houses per day do. They might clean everything hurriedly, rushing through everything so they have enough time to move on to the next house. This puts personal belongings and furniture in danger.

We are different because we know and appreciate the value of the items surrounding us (some unique or antique, and others of emotional value) and we make sure to dust them carefully, taking care of them as if they were our own, because cleaning is not only a job we do for money, it is our passion. It gives us great satisfaction to see the smiling faces of our customers. 100% of our clients have been very happy and have enjoyed the results of our “super” cleaning.



Restore the Sparkle & Shine

Many of our clients have also pointed out how their house has not been that clean since they bought it new. We could not be more proud of what we do and how we do it.

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Our Mission

Our mission at Super Home Maid Cleaning Service, LLC is to help our residential and commercial clients create organized, fresh, and thoroughly clean work and living spaces through our cleaning services.

Our Vision

Our vision at Super Home Maid Cleaning Service, LLC is to become the most trusted and leading cleaning specialists in all of California by performing with precision, integrity, and excellence.

Why Choose Us?

Choosing Super Home Maid Cleaning Service, LLC to take forth your cleaning needs, means hiring a trustworthy team. We will exceed your expectations and meet your demands with quality and low prices.

Super Home Maid Cleaning Service, LLC

Cleaning You Can Depend On

Nohemi Garcia, owner of Super Home Maid, first began her career in educational administration and accounting. After several years in her career she decided to care for her children full time. This also gave her the opportunity to provide cleaning and elder care services for people in need that could not afford to hire full time assistance. Because of her excellent work ethic and caring nature, she began receiving references from family and friends, and had the opportunity to build a network of clients for her cleaning services. As her network expanded, so did her staffing needs.

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Thorough Elimination of Grime & Debris

Nohemi’s mission was never money, but to help those households that needed her. Gradually she realized that today we live in a society where the number one enemy is time. Husbands as well as wives all work in today’s society and neither have the time to clean their house. They come home tired and stressed out by the demands of their daily work routine. If there are children, they normally use up their remaining energy to spend a little well-deserved time with them. They leave the cleaning for when they have time and the truth is that they never really have the time. The children have to live in all the dirt and dust that has accumulated in the home, and the mess could cause health issues for the whole family.

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