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Lance S. in Wichita, KS - 5.0  

Date: 2020-03-08


I used Super Home Maid Service to clean my townhouse when I moved out. The property manager charged for every little thing that wasn't to their liking so I didn't want to take the chance in getting charged. So I hired a professional. Nohemi and her crew did a great job. I would highly recommend them for any of your cleaning needs. My girlfriend and I plan on using h Them to clean our new house for us a a regular basis. Thanks for a job well done!

Johncarlo G. in Wichita, KS - 5.0  

Date: 2020-02-24


I had thought of using the cleaning service of super home maid just one time, but after seeing the excellent work they did I fell in love with my house and I wanted it to be kept that clean always. Nohemi her crew are super professional, they were attentive to all the details, they really exceeded my expectations. They are very friendly and mut responsible, they arrived at the appointed time. I give them a high recommendation and if I could give more than five stars I gave them without thinking. thank you very much super home maid

Mikelle F. in Wichita, KS - 5.0  

Date: 2019-08-02


Still using this service after 9 months. The team does a great job.

Mary Lou P. in Wichita, KS - 5.0  

Date: 2019-08-01


Incredible! I wondered if I had walked into the right house. Nohemi and her team make me proud of my home again. It smells so good and clean and looks so much better than it has in a long time. My initial job was a deep cleaning but I will be using the service for maintenance every other week. I am so happy to have found this particular cleaning service. Thanks Super Home Maid!

T. W. in Wichita, KS - 5.0  

Date: 2018-12-10


It is awesome to walk into your house that smells wonderful, the carpet is free of shoe prints, it's like walking in to a show house. Everything is perfect, every room inviting. Sometimes I forget I've walked in to my own home. Reasonably priced, a team is in and out of your home in an hour or so. Depends on if they are cleaning the whole house or one level. Nohemi is a joy to work with.

Mikelle F. in Wichita, KS - 5.0  

Date: 2018-11-21


Nohemi came with a team of three maids yesterday and cleaned my house from top to bottom. They came about 8:45 a.m. and left about 2:00 p.m. I thought my house was reasonably clean before they arrived, but they wiped furniture sides, cabinets, doors, and I think took the books off my extensive bookcases and wiped those shelves and books. I read about her little extra touches, and it was the same with me: I saw tissue boxes with "flowers" made of tissues, toilet paper folded into little triangles and towels folded in a special way. The house still smells wonderful today and everything in sight looks clean. If you are thinking of showing your home off for sale or guests, you should get her one-time deep-cleaning and see the difference it makes. I'm signing up for bi-weekly cleaning on a regular basis.

Rachel K. in Los Angeles, CA - 5.0  

Date: 2018-09-24


Excellent cleaning service and kind people. We called in a pinch after moving into an unexpectedly filthy home. They were able to squeeze us in quickly and did an incredible job cleaning the horribles. Our house is sparkling now-- it feels safe to unpack!! Will def use again.

Andrew P. in Wichita, KS - 5.0  

Date: 2018-03-08


Over exceeded our expectations. I chose this cleaning service over 3 others that I considered and I am more than happy I chose Super Home Maid. They were the first and only cleaning service that will receive my business. I would recommend them to anyone.

Jam in jame - 5.0  

Date: 2017-12-11

Project: jame

First time service and we are very impressed with the quality and detail of their cleaning! It seemed as if they have been to our home before! We are very satisfied and will definitely recommend them to anyone and everyone!

These ladies did a fantastic jobErin in Wichita - 5.0  

Date: 2017-10-31

Project: Move out inspection

These ladies did a fantastic job cleaning my town home! Will definitely use their help again at my new place!!!