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Deep Cleaning

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Deep Cleaning

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One of our specialties is deep cleaning. We are very meticulous in providing this type of cleaning service. We clean fans, door frames, and baseboards. For all of wooden parts or elements, we use a special wood polish to bring their original shine.

We clean the outside of windows eliminating all dust, cobwebs, dirt, and other impurities in between. Moreover, we also remove window screens. We will make our best effort to help you clean your windows whenever the height does not exceed 10 feet or find the most viable weather conditions.

We clean and polish your cabinets, so they recover their beautiful look and appeal in your kitchen. Our deep cleaning service is one of the most broad and complete services. For instance, in the living room we take care of the dust from furniture, paintings, decorations, and plants. In addition, we vacuum couches, removing all accumulated dust to leave them clean as new.

We use great tools for cleaning all water spots and unwanted accumulated soap in places such as wash bath tubs. Moreover, whenever you have wash brick floors, clean air returns, clean trash cans and containers from the kitchen, our team is your best option. Do not lose time and get in contact with our enthusiastic team.

  • Clean fans, door frames and baseboards (we use special wood polish to bring it back to its original shine)
  • Clean out the cabinets
  • Polish the cabinets with Wood Polish
  • Dust from paintings, furniture, decorations and plants
  • Wash bath tubs (removing water spots and unwanted accumulated soap)
  • Wash brick floors
  • Clean each Room use wood polish when necessary
  • Remove Window Screens (remove cobwebs and dirt from in between)
  • Clean air returns
  • Vacuum couches (removing and cleaning cushions to get all accumulated dust gathered on, in, and around the couches
  • Clean the outside of windows (if height does not exceed 10 ft, and if weather permits)
  • Clean trash cans and containers from the kitchen or bathroom.

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